KAEFER Punj Lloyd Limited (KPLL)

There for you all across the nation

We are not easily recognisable but we are there. You find us in factories, power plants, on drilling platforms, tunnels, on piping, ships, football stadiums, research facilities, clinics, hotels and schools. We are everywhere. May be even where you are right now.
Our complete insulation solutions make the environment, life, work and production safer and more comfortable. Inside and out – all over the world. That’s KAEFER.

KAEFER Punj Lloyd Ltd. is member of the KAEFER Group with its operations based out of Gurgaon, Chennai & Vadodara in India. KPLL was founded in 2006, with KAEFER acquiring a majority stake in Punj Lloyd Insulations Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Punj Lloyd Limited, one of Asia's largest engineering and contracting conglomerates. Punj Lloyd Insulation has been a major player in Insulation since incorporation in 1997. Today, KPLL is a leading company in areas of industrial insulation and refractory.

We have expertise in:

  • Turnkey project management
  • Global material sourcing and supply
  • Onsite installation service
  • Global know-how and experience
  • Qualified and experienced manpower